Navigating business growth amidst a hiring slowdown can be daunting, especially when fostering client relationships is crucial.

During a hiring slowdown, explore alternative methods to enhance employee engagement and learning by embracing the following tips and techniques.

Key Strategies for Sustaining Growth:


Employee Development and Retention

At Cornerstone, we prioritize employee development for enduring stability. Offering ongoing training opportunities is vital to enrich the contributions of our workforce.

Without these paths for career progression employees may begin seeking opportunities elsewhere. This situation could significantly impact our team and organization, particularly during a period of reduced hiring.



The Value of Upskilling

Upskilling boosts our employees’ ability to pursue other roles within Cornerstone resulting in:

  • Improved Engagement
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Elevated Employee Morale
  • Strengthened Attraction and Retention Rates
  • Reduced Expenses – for hiring, onboarding, training etc.



Elevating Cornerstone’s Company Culture

Supporting employee learning and development helps build company culture and loyalty.

For instance, arranging Lunch and Learn sessions, both in-person and remote are great ways to enable employees to share meals, engage in professional development, and exchange knowledge, fostering relationship-building, collaboration, and allowing our branch staff to connect with one another.



The Importance of Employee Recognition

Cornerstone managers recognize individual employee contributions, achievements, and their influence on not only branch team members, but also other organizations company wide. By recognizing others, we demonstrate that employees are valued and appreciated. Consequently, employees are inclined to enhance their performance continually to contribute further value to the organization.



Need Assistance with Hiring Post-Slowdown?

If you would like help with hiring human resources professionals after the slowdown, get in touch with Cornerstone Staffing. We can provide you with qualified candidates to help reach your business goals.