The Cooperative Elevator Co. started worked with Cornerstone Staffing Solutions in August 2003. We were in need of seasonal help for our dry bean and grain harvest. We were pleased with the temporary employees they provided us for harvest, so the following year, we utilized their services for truck drivers and general laborers in spring. We have been a client ever since.

The benefits of utilizing a staffing agency such as Cornerstone staffing are many. First, the access to a larger labor pool that individually we may not have had. Cornerstone Staffing geographically covers a lager territory and this has been helpful since we have locations in a tri-county area. They have also placed advertisements in local papers and sponsored job fairs for us looking for CDL drivers, for example.

The second factor would be the payroll services. We are able to utilize temporary employees without adding them to our payroll. We fax employees’ timesheets every week and Cornerstone Staffing Solutions generates checks, files tax reports and covers workers compensation and unemployment compensation claims. This helps us keep our costs down.

Thirdly, it gives us an opportunity to learn about and watch temporary employees in action. We have hired some Cornerstone employees for full time positions. On the other side, if an employee does not work out for whatever reason, it also gives us a simple way to exit the employee relationship.

The final differentiator would be the friendly and professional service we receive from Cornerstone Staffing employees. They have a great team and we enjoy working with them.

Corinne S., Client of Cornerstone Staffing

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