I worked very closely with Cornerstone Staffing Solutions for several years to find a highly qualified management professionals as well as other staff for my organizations within Maryland. We are always looking for a mix of strong leadership and extensive industry experience. The staff listen closely to what we are looking for and brings us a very strong group of candidates. As the process progresses, we fine tune exactly what we were looking for. Cornerstone further adjusts their search and brings us candidates who have proven to be excellent fits.

I found Marcie at Cornerstone to be very organized and a pleasure, and one of the best recruiters, to work with. She prepared the candidate appropriately and guided me on our interview process with a debrief afterward. For us, the fee is well worth the investment. I don’t feel we would have found the caliber of candidates we were looking for without Marcie and Cornerstone. I’d use them again without hesitation. I certainly recommend them highly.

Levi W., Client in Maryland

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