When you think of great leaders, those people who you grew up admiring and still respect today, certain traits come to mind.  At Cornerstone, we believe those pioneers – the men and women who lead, defy expectations and create extraordinary results – are passionate about their work, relentless in their pursuit of excellence and humbly serve those who entrust them.  Each and every day, our dedicated teams of staffing consultants fight to hold on to these traits that motive us as professionals.

By igniting a passionate company culture, we know our staffing consultants will seek to always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.  This includes knowing how to efficiently match professional talent with the right position at the right company. Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped more than 3,000 businesses and in the process, learned how to minimize costs, optimize service quality and maximize efficiency.

Passion is the spark that ignites our company culture, and it’s our relentless determination to be the best that fuels us every day. For our company, that means we listen to the needs of our clients, act swiftly on their feedback and aim to create raving fans in the process.

Lastly, we consider it a privilege to work for the clients and staffing associates who trust us with their employment decisions.  We care about the unique needs of all of our customers and associates.  Our service doesn’t stop when a position is filled; it stops when our clients and candidates are completely satisfied.

We care about our partners

For employers, we provide candidates who are more than a warm body to fill a seat – they are pre-vetted, tested and skilled workers who are eager to put in effort for your organization and immerse themselves in your culture. When you fill open positions with people who are a truly great fit, you will see a boost in morale, productivity, and ultimately your bottom line.

We also offer temporary and temporary-to-hire staffing solutions to the scalable needs of your workforce.

Some companies are looking to hire a candidate directly to a full-time position, and Cornerstone is glad to provide a comprehensive search and selection process, which includes in-depth interviews, thorough reference and background checks as well as modern behavioral and skills evaluations. The entire process results in screening out all but the most qualified of candidates, many of which are inaccessible through traditional sources.

We’re relentless advocates for our candidates

In addition to striving for excellence with our client companies, we also care about fostering the careers of the workers who walk through the doors of our many locations.

For prospective employees, we provide all of our services for free, whether they’re looking for a short-term contract or pursuing direct hire employment. We realize the employees are just as dedicated as companies, and we aim to give hardworking individuals every chance to pursue their goals.

We ignite the passion

Cornerstone is intently focused on becoming the best supplier of high-quality professional talent through comprehensive staffing solutions and competitive compensation offerings. Our services are backed by high standards, regular education and training to ensure the partnerships between our employees and our partner companies are as fruitful as possible. We might use sophisticated methods, but our ultimate goal is a simple handshake.

We at Cornerstone are excited to launch our new site, and encourage you to keep coming back to our blog for top-of-the-industry staffing and recruiting advice, and job search guidance every week.

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  1. Brian Hatfield

    Love the new look and feel at Cornerstone. Very proud to be a part of this amazing company.


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