If you’re not paying attention to the latest practices in job searching and employer hiring practices, you will lose out on a lot of opportunities, especially if your competition is familiar with these contemporary practices.

The job seekers who reach their goal of taking that next step on their career path are those who use modern technology to target potential employers. They’re also prepared for employers to ask them to use various technology platforms.

By being prepared for the technology aspects of finding a job, you can significantly increase your odds of landing that new job before the end of 2016.

Embrace Mobile Tech

Usually, organizations receive more applicants than they need for an open position. The first applicant to stand out will often at least get considered for an interview. Because timeliness is such a factor, being accessible through your phone can raise your odds of being the first to stand out.

In terms of contact info, it’s best to use your cell phone for any job-related call, email or text. This will permit you to respond to organizations more rapidly. Being slow to reply to a call or email could severely damage your chances.


Knowing how to use various technology platforms and being able to quickly switch between them is a major factor in determining your job search success.

For instance, if your phone interview suddenly becomes a Skype interview, you should be able to adapt. If you get to the in-person interview, you should be able to handle a request for a PowerPoint presentation.

You should also be able to adapt and learn new software. If you haven’t used a screen-sharing program before, you should be able to work with a basic on upon request. If you can’t adapt, it will be hard for you to advance in the hiring process as your ability with technology often shows off how you might perform in a professional setting.


Greater than 60 percent of organizations look up job applicants online. If you don’t have an online presence, your odds of getting an interview are significantly diminished.

Furthermore, if you’re adjusting your privacy settings to keep a company from seeing your content, this could also hurt your chances. Instead, use your social media presence to impress your potential employers.

You can boost your visibility by showcasing your skills, as well as your professional knowledge and passion for your industry over social media. Photos and videos from networking events and presentations you give are a great way to showcase on social media. Your updates should intrigue employers and recruiters enough to think about contacting you. These posts will also grab the attention of those who are in your network.

At Cornerstone, we are regularly helping job seekers get up to speed with modern hiring practices. If you need to brush up on your skills, please contact us to schedule a consultation and see what opportunities we have in store.




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