You’ve probably been told from an early age that you’re not supposed to brag – that it was rude and maybe a little conceited. But what happens when you’re in a job interview? Isn’t the whole point of an interview to tell a hiring manager how good you are and why they should hire you? With a little preparation, you can you talk up your skills and experience while remaining humble.

Try the humble brag.

This is a method which draws attention to your accomplishments without making a big deal about it. How can you accomplish this balancing act? Here are a few tips:

Focus on your skills.

If you tell an interviewer the skills you have gained in the workplace, you’re not bragging, you’re just stating facts. List specific skills that you have learned, what you have done to improve them and how you’ve used them well on the job.

Back up your claims with numbers.

Hiring managers love metrics – hard data that can be analyzed. Were you the fastest packer on your shift at your last location? Share any company goals or quotas that you have overachieved, detail how often and by how much if you have that information available.

Let others do the talking.

It’s not bragging if you’re quoting someone else, right? Did your last boss have you train the new people because he said you were the best on the job? That’s the kind of information interviewers love to hear.

Talk about the team.

Put your career “wins” in the context of working with your coworkers. Discuss what your team or unit accomplished on the job and what you did as part of that team.

Don’t put other people down.

Raising your worth by slamming others is no way to go. It rarely works and it makes you look like a jerk. Saying that your previous employer liked you because you weren’t as lazy as the other guys is not something that will make a positive impression on the hiring manager.

At Cornerstone, we can do some of the bragging for you. We’ll get to know you before you talk to any employers and can tell them that you will be the perfect candidate for them, so you don’t have to do the bragging yourself. It you’re looking for a new light industrial job and could use a little assistance, contact us today.



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