Obviously, a company never wants to scare away talented professionals with their recruiting process, and yet – it happens all the time.

Applicants are typically scared away by a lack of communication or failure on the part of the business to build a solid relationship. Understandably, human resources personnel and department managers have a lot on their plate, and connecting with people who are not officially connected to the company can fall down the list of priorities.

However, all companies are made of people, and employee quality is one of the primary drivers of business success. With that in mind, here are a few ways your company can avoid chasing away talented applicants who could propel your company to success.


Write Good Job Postings

Most of us have done enough job searching to know what a badly written job posting looks like: some try too hard, some are too cryptic, and some are very robotic.

A job posting is the first interaction an applicant has with your company, and it’s also the first chance you have to potentially scare them off. Be sure to only include requirements that are absolutely essential to success in the role, and try to include a little humanity that feels like a natural extension of your company culture.

Ideally, a well-written job posting will attract qualified employees who are a good fit for your company culture.


Acknowledge the Hiring Process Is a Two-Way Street

With numerous candidates applying for a single position, it can be easy for hiring managers to fall into the trap of taking applicants for granted. However, job seekers are also evaluating your company and with the market currently favoring the job seeker, hiring personnel would be wise to avoid treating applicants like they are a-dime-a-dozen.

Hiring personnel should ensure they are respecting applicants by being ready for interviews at the scheduled time, returning phone calls promptly and being dedicated to providing a quality experience with every interaction.


Keep Applicants in the Loop

For applicants, the worst aspect of the process is not knowing what happens after an application is submitted.

Many companies make it a practice to collect as many applications as possible and not let applicants know their status. When this happens, many are left wondering if hiring personnel had even received the application materials.

One possible way to resolve this issue on the part of the company is to further qualify applicants by putting strict requirements in the posting, which would result in a more workable applicant pool for hiring personnel to connect with and keep in the loop.


Build a Relationship

The hiring process should be based on building a connection rapidly when the stakes are high and time is limited. People looking for work want to develop trust, but few hiring managers provide them with chances to build the relationship to do that.

Allow your applicants to convey their personalities and connect with hiring personnel on a human level. When a relationship is built based on commonalities, talented applicants are less likely to walk away.


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