You probably heard it before: Every interview is a two-way street.

A potential employer may walk into the interview to ask you questions about your abilities and experience; however, you also have to prepare questions to ask your potential employer, including questions about the position, your potential boss and the business in general. These questions can help you determine if this is the proper job for you.

Also, if you don’t put together smart questions to ask your interviewer, you might be seen as uninterested or unprepared.

You should ask at least two questions that show your desire to get the job, to excel in the position and that you’ve done some research. As you research the company and the industry, write down the things you would like to know more about. Keep in mind: The best questions to ask potential employers are focused and open-ended, not yes-no questions.

Consider the following questions to convey your interest, show off your research and find out what you need to know about the opportunity in front of you.

Which of the qualities listed in your job description are the most essential for success in the role?

This question often results in a hiring manager providing valuable information that reinforces the job description or adds to it. Discussing the qualities of effective employees at the company also allows you to learn about the work culture and expectations, which can be useful in trying to determine if you are a solid fit for the job.

What does your latest major development mean for the future of the company?

Being able to talk about recent company news shows you have done your research and provides clues about your possible future with the organization. For instance, if a company recently made a major acquisition, it might mean the possibility of a promotion or lateral move in the near future.

I saw on LinkedIn that you have been with the company for a while. What do you like about working here?

In addition to showing you’ve researched your interviewer, a standard practice for job seekers, this question can reveal a lot about possibilities for advancement and the company culture. This question is particularly useful if you and the interviewer seem to have similar values and career goals.

After looking up your competitors during my research, I wanted to know what your company is doing better than them.

This question should provide valuable information about the company’s core values and its processes. However, what you really want to know is if the company treats its employees better than its competition.

How is the company currently handling its biggest challenges?

By asking this question, you should be able to learn about issues both in the company and in the industry. Ideally, your skill set should be suited to help the company address its current challenges.


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