By: Julie Nelson

Using a temp-to hire arrangement can be a great way for companies to test out promising potential employees. Unfortunately, talented and hardworking temps often slip through the cracks and wind up finding full-time work elsewhere.

When your company spots a potential top full-time employee, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure that person accepts a job offer. Below are a few tips on how to convert good temps into top employees.

Set Clear Expectations

Being thrown into a new job and a new working environment as a temporary employee can be disorienting. While a temp does have some responsibility to get their bearings, company personnel are the ones more responsible for setting temporary employees on the right path.

Once a temporary worker is given clear expectations, they can deliver on their job duties, meet deadlines, collaborate effectively and do all the things you would expect from a top employee. Also, people who are ambitious and know what is expected of them can go above and beyond those expectations.

Provide Networking Opportunities

Networking efforts are quite useful for full-time employees, but they priceless when it comes to new, temporary employees. Research shows people tend to stick with a job longer if they like the people around them. Therefore, you need to make every effort to connect temp workers with their co-workers on a personal level.

Provide Learning Opportunities

Temporary employees that are asked to do simple, mundane tasks day-in and day-out probably aren’t going to be motivated to stick around for very long, even if they do like the company and the people around them.

By offering learning opportunities to temporary workers, you can identify which ones are hungry to learn new things. The temps who take these opportunities and run with them are the ones most likely to become top employees.

Connect Work to a Greater Purpose

Today’s professionals, and Millennials in particular, want a job that has meaning. They want a job situation they can be proud of and boast about on social media. When your company connects the work that temporary employees do to a greater purpose, they are much more likely to take pride in what they do and seek full-time employment with your organization.

Show Recognition and Appreciation

This suggestion cannot be overstated: You need to show your temporary workers how much you appreciate them. Temporary workers are like all workers in that they perform best when they feel acknowledged, noticed and appreciated. Temporary employees, however, have added work stress related to the uncertainty of their position.

Employee recognition programs should include recognizing major achievements done by temporary employees. With regards to day-to-day work, small and frequent recognition can go a long way to retaining your best-performing temporary workers.


At Cornerstone, we regularly work with our clients to provide them with best-fit talent for temp-to-hire arrangements. Please contact us today to discuss how we can assist your company.

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