Research shows employers that don’t connect employees with the company’s mission and values aren’t getting the full value out of their staff.

Aligning employees with a meaningful company mission can provide additional drive for staff members; because when individuals find real purpose in the work, they are more driven to achieve. When employees take ownership of the work, they are more dedicated to it, more inspired and more engaged, which makes for better overall performance.

Regrettably, a lot of businesses don’t even attempt to connect employees to a greater purpose. Supervisors in such businesses might argue that paying people is a good enough reason for them to do their best. But external motivation only goes so far. It doesn’t cause individuals to be overly engaged or creative.

While comprehensively engaging employees with the company mission is a long process, there are a few basic steps any company can take to better merge employees’ values with the organizations greater purpose.

Know your values

Before you can start engaging your employees with the company mission, you need to know what your company stands for. Many companies have stated values or a mission statement, but it’s important to understand how those values mean something to your staff members. An effective way to connect the two sets of values is to ensure the company mission statement is clear, succinct, has real meaning and is ambitious.

Once the company has a refined mission statement, it has to be communicated clearly. More importantly, company executives and managers have to embody the goals and values put forward in the mission statement. If they don’t, the mission statement will simply come across as lip service.

Tie company values to individual and team goals

The mission statement of any business ought to be tied to achievable goals for workers. Framing the mission statement this way will make it an important portion of the daily work culture. Everybody from frontline staff members to the chief executive ought to be feeding into the system to push the business in the direction of its goal.

Ensure that formal and informal recognition are given to workers who achieve goals that line up with the company vision. Acknowledgment can cover anything from a public thank you to a handwritten note or a small gift card. Many companies use rewards programs to motivate everybody to reinforce their mission statement.

Conversely, you need to reinforce these standards. If someone does not work toward their individual goals, or actively works against the company vision, the situation needs to be addressed.

Promote stories that reinforce company values

Storytelling is an effective tool to convey and reinforce your mission statement. Some businesses publicly identify staff members’ success stories on their website. These stories show how much everybody at the company is valued and how their good work has contributed to the company’s success.

Think about sharing some of your employees’ biggest accomplishments that line up with the company vision and further the growth of the organization.

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