Born in our backyards through the compassion and commitment of our frontline staff, our Cornerstone Cares program represents the heart and soul of Cornerstone Staffing – a deeply held commitment to providing a positive impact through local acts of giving. We receive personal satisfaction from the deep-seated desire to support causes which make a difference in the communities we are proud to live and work.

Recently, our Michigan team lived up to this commitment by helping Habit for Humanity build a home for a United States veteran.

Brian Hatfield, Director of Recruitment & Special Projects
“Jason, can you tell me about this experience?”

Jason Wilson, Staffing Consultant – Marlette Michigan
“I’m relatively new to Cornerstone Staffing. With the encouragement of our Regional Director, we decided to forego some of the traditional holiday party celebrations and instead chose to give some time and good old-fashioned sweat equity to Habitat. It’s one of the local non-profits that inspires our team.”
Brian: “Are you a veteran?”
Jason: “No, but I have family members who are veterans. It’s something very close to my heart.”
Brian: “So, what was the day like?”
Jason: “It was a typical dark and gloomy winter day. We arrived at about 9am. On this day, there were 2 of us from Cornerstone Staffing who worked alongside the Habitat for Humanity team. The house the veteran was living in was in pretty bad shape. It was basically condemned; there was no plumbing, minimal electricity. I’m guessing, she was about 70 years old – struggling to maintain the property and make ends meet.”
Brian: “What did you work on that day?”
Jason: “We added about 8 windows, wrapped the house with insulation, inside and out. We put up some studs and helped secure the foundation. We wrote our names on the studs, another reminder of our contributions.”
Brian: “Do you have experience in home construction?”
Jason: “Not really, it had been a long time. I certainly learned a few things along the way.”
Brian: “This is extraordinary. Thank you for what you did for the veteran and for sharing your story.”
Jason: “My pleasure, I’m looking forward to staying involved with Habit through the Cornerstone Cares program.”

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