Achieving an ideal equilibrium between the personal and professional sides of life is a challenge for anyone. For most people, a busy work schedule means personal responsibilities take a back seat.

In an attempt to better juggle work and personal life, modern professionals are increasingly seeking for more control over how they do their job.

When people have significant control over when and how they do their job, they usually have a good relationship with management. Balanced workers have a tendency to feel more inspired and less stressed out, which leads to higher productivity, morale and retention.

Below are a few ways that companies can support a good work-life balance for their staff members without diminishing productivity or effectiveness.

4 Ways To Support Employee Productivity and Work-Life Balance

1. Physical Fitness Support

A great way to reduce work-related stress is to exercise regularly, and every able-bodied adult ought to be getting a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Those who exercise regularly are less likely to get sick or miss days from work, both of which cost a company in terms of productivity.

Some companies provide a fitness facility onsite. If you are one of those companies, encourage your staff members to use it often. If you do not have an onsite fitness facility, think about offering your staff members a free or discounted membership at an area gym.

2 Work Flexibility

Allowing staff members to work remotely lets them work at times and locations that are most productive for them, which research has shown does not detract from productivity.

Another possible way to support work-life balance is through flexible scheduling. This lets staff members take care of doctor’s appointments, childcare issues and other personal needs while still maintaining the same number of working hours in a week.

3. Career Development Options

Surveys regularly show that employees generally want to gain new skills and build experience in the field as they get older, however a lack of time and resources often keeps employees from realizing more of their potential.

Let employees pursue advanced degrees, certifications and other career development options by providing them with the time to do so and some degree of financial backing. When employees can advance their skills during the workday, it quickly leads to a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

4. Childcare Support

Childcare duties don’t get paused when a parent leaves for work. You may want to think about setting up an onsite childcare facility. Clearly, this is a premium benefit and if it is not possible for your facility, you may want to offer a discount on childcare. This can help to relieve the burden of childcare, lower the number of missed workdays and help to attract parents who may otherwise have to leave the workforce to care for a young child.

If neither of these options are possible, look into the possibility of allowing for flexibility when it comes to childcare issues.

Let Us Support Your Employee Engagement Initiatives

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