The holiday season is almost upon us, and this is usually the time when we start to show thanks to one another. But it’s really shouldn’t be that way. We ought to be thinking about showing gratitude all year round, especially in the workplace.

The idea of gratitude as a pillar of corporate culture is increasingly popular among the most successful businesses, as they are finding it can be an incredibly powerful sentiment and not one that should be relegated to a single season.

Below are five ways you can show you’re thankful for your workforce every day of the year.

1) Get to Know Them as People

During the busy workday, it can be tough to take time away, but taking a break and getting to know each member of your team on an individual basis is an investment you can’t afford to make.

Without getting too personal, find out how each one of your employees likes to spend their free time. Get a sense of their family situations and share your own.

2) Write Thank-You Notes

It could be a bit old school, but there is something great about taking a few minutes to thank somebody with a hand-written note. These notes are also a low-cost choice that can have a much more significant impact than more expensive displays of gratitude.

3) Express Gratitude in Your Everyday Conversations

Including appreciation and gratitude in your regular conversations isn’t easy, as it calls for a certain amount of mindfulness and determination. However, regular expressions of gratitude can have a long-lasting impact and can bolster your relationships. Expressing appreciation regularly on most occasions also makes discussions around constructive criticism easier, as you can have these conversations on a strong foundation.

If you’re able to develop a business culture that embraces this practice, you’re likely to have happier and more productive employees.

4) Recognize Top and Steady Performers in Your Regular Meetings

Public expressions of gratitude can mean a great deal to your staff members, so if people are doing good work, make sure they know it, and others around them know it. At the top of every weekly or monthly meeting, call out someone or an entire team that has done a great job. Also, be as specific as possible in your praise. When the boss says they appreciate your work and the particular reason why it can be a massive boost to a worker’s confidence.

5) Hand Out Monthly or Quarterly Awards

The notion of showcasing achievements regularly is an absolute must. Not only does a regular award acknowledge a job well done, but the process of determining the award gives management a chance to review all of the great work happening across their company.

These awards are also an excellent way to strengthen the behaviors and values you would like to define your organization.

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