Too often, temporary employees don’t get the same consideration as full-time permanent hires.

Since the more permanent members of an organization are inclined to see temps as truly temporary colleagues, they tend to get short shrift when to comes to being brought into the fold. Some temps even walk in on their first day and don’t even get acknowledged by full-time staffers.

The issue with this is a potential drop-off in efficiency and overall performance from a temporary worker that doesn’t feel welcome and comfortable. Committing resources to an onboarding system for temps is crucial to the success of a company. High-performing temporary workers can become high-performing full-time hires, which means making a strong positive impression is good for business.

Below are a few approaches to making temporary staff members feel as ease and valued members of your organization.

Conduct Proper Onboarding

Simply because an individual may be only working for a short length of time for your company, it is not a good idea to skip a proper onboarding program that starts with greeting the temporary employee at the front door on their first day. At the bare minimum, they should be shown around, introduced to key personnel and brought to an on-boarding room where they can learn more specifics. It’s perfectly fine to bring together multiple temporary workers for a group on-boarding.

In the on-boarding room, review the temporary assignment requirements, basic expectations and any unique guidelines they need to know.

Designate Mentors for Each Temp

For each temporary worker, designate a more-seasoned employee who can support their transition being a productive contributor as quickly as possible. This mentor should have the proper training and be able to instruct the temporary employees they mentor on the fundamental tasks of first few days and their job in general. Each mentor should regularly check the temp’s progress, provide feedback and report on progress to management. Other non-mentor staff members should be encouraged to help this process along, by offering feedback and praise as needed.

Make Space

Provide temporary employees with a clean workstation that provide adequate space. Encourage temporary employees give their work area a personal touch. Offer a comfortable, ergonomic chair, sufficient lighting and any other essentials they need to work safely and effectively. Have any necessary technology ready to go, adequate supplies and an employee handbook waiting on their workstation.

Check In Daily

To help temporary workers to feel comfortable and supported, check in at least once per day, either in person or by phone, until they become comfortable. As time passes, check in on an as-needed basis. Temporary workers will be should be encouraged to report their progress, ask questions, and ask for help when needed.

We Collaborate to Ensure Our Temporary Employees are as Productive as Possible

At Cornerstone, we work hand-in-glove with our clients to ensure that the temporary workforce we provide is as productive as possible. Please contact us today to find out how we can provide your company with a high-quality workforce solution.

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