By Stephanie Gatas, Staffing Consultant in Las Vegas

Hello Friends,

I’d like to share a few more resume tips. As I’m sure you’re aware, recruitment professionals can get flooded with resumes. So much so, it’s estimated a recruiter might only spend less than 10 seconds reviewing each resume. That said, I’d like to share some of my personal tips and tricks…

1. The first three bullet points of your first three positions listed are what I’m going to look at first – make those your big punch!

First bullet point
Make this a detailed description of your strongest attribute relating to the job function itself. Example, for a Customer Service/Sales/Collections Representative, your top bullet point should be something along the lines of:

“Provide Sales, Customer Service and Marketing information in inbound call center environment with product information, new hardware/software specifications and features, side by side comparisons and sales/promotions information.”

Second bullet point
Make this a bit more generic and include as many additional industry-centered “buzzwords” that you can highlight.

“Verified legal identity of prospective consumer account holders using information-sensitive credit reports, identity verification programs and other sources of information while following Canadian and US privacy laws, company policy, credit score guidelines and social security practices while minimizing fraud.”

Third bullet point
What have you done to increase efficiency, decrease spending, streamline processes? Highlight this here WITH a number.

“Proactively developed a call flow script to assist new-hires in effectively answering calls and resolving issues without excessive-hold times, resulting in a 30% decrease in return calls.”

• Do us recruiters a favour and bullet point your job descriptions. Paragraphs can look like a block of text, and we may not see everything you want to highlight.
• Don’t use “I”. Keep it factual and professional-sounding.
• Pay close attention to your spacing, and F7 is your friend! The first thing I notice when I open up a resume is how it’s laid out. 98% of positions require “close attention to detail”, and your resume is your first example of this! If I see a resume with awkward spacing and typos, I’m less apt to believe you’re a “detail-oriented individual with a proven-track record of…”

I hope this helps!

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