Companies are constantly rolling out new technology tools to boost efficiency in today’s workplace, and it’s an administrative assistant’s responsibility to keep their skills with these tools up-to-date.

An admin used to be responsible for simply taking notes, handling scheduling duties and communicating both inside and outside an organization. Now, admins must support their bosses when it comes to keeping information organized, laying out documents and various industry-specific software programs.

There are a number of free resources on the internet that allow administrative candidates to either keep their skills fresh, or learn about the latest industry-relevant tools.

Updates to the office document classics

It probably goes without saying an admin needs to know how to use word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and other classic software in Microsoft’s iconic Office software series. Administrative assistants should be up-to-date with their skills, not only for the latest Microsoft programs, but also for Google’s similar cloud-based suite of office tools.

Collaboration, content management and database software

Most organizations are switching to cloud-based systems to organize and collaborate on projects. From Google Drive to Microsoft’s SharePoint, these programs allow people to access and, with the proper permission, modify company content – like spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations. Admins should have a cursory knowledge of how these systems operate in order to facilitate their use.

In addition to having a system for their documents, companies also may use a database program for numbers-based information. Microsoft Access and other database programs give users access to company data. Users can input new data, modify existing data or print custom reports. Admins should be able to access the information within a database and print out essential reports.

Design and layout software

Design and layout software can be used to create anything from a simple logo to a company brochure or newsletter. Admins are typically responsible for putting together some aspects of a company mailing, so knowing these programs will allow an admin to put together professional-looking content.

Adobe Photoshop is a standard program admins can easily use to modify photos or make basic logos. Adobe InDesign is a powerful layout tool that admins should be able to use for visually organizing content.

Industry-specific programs

From web publishing to healthcare, various industries have software specific to their needs and a good admin specializing in a particular industry should known the ins and outs of the relevant specific tools. For example, an administrative assistant working in digital media should be familiar with WordPress and social media tools like Hootsuite.

Having a working knowledge of these tools allows an admin to have informed interactions when dealing with management or frontline workers and stay at the top of their field.

At Cornerstone, we know that keeping track of all the latest software update and various industry tech standards can be confusing. Feel free to contact us and we can let you know about the most in-demand tech skills our clients are asking for from our candidates. Once you know what’s in demand, you can hone your skill set to make you that much more attractive.

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    IT knowledge is a necessity in all administrative fields right now and I believe that’s a sign of progress. Thanks for the article, keep up the awesome blog!


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