Looking for a new, exciting career in the light industrial field? You’re not alone! This industry continues to offer fast-paced opportunities for all types of job seekers, experienced or otherwise.

However, this doesn’t mean light industrial companies will take just anyone. There are a few industry-specific qualities companies are looking for; as well as more general qualities of a good employee that have particular significance in a light industrial setting.

Math and reasoning abilities

Most light industrial candidates need a foundation of good math skills, particularly employees dealing with shipping and warehouse functions. Employees may be required to transfer inventory or load shipments, and being able to quickly determine the amount of products in a particular batch is crucial to these functions.

Light industrial employees must also have a certain amount of spatial reasoning skills. Employees will often be asked to figure out if something will fit into a space properly or if a certain part goes with a particular machine. Spatial reasoning skills come in extremely handy in these situations.

Organized and detail oriented

The light-industrial working environment can be chaotic, putting a premium on organizational skills. Employees who are organized require less assistance from others, and are less of a drain on their boss’s time and energy.

Staying organized means paying attention to small details, and many light industrial jobs require an employee to keep an eye out for developing problems. Those problems could be related to a production process or the inspection of products and assets. An employee who has a mind for detail can be very valuable to an organization.

The capacity to wear many hats

While being able to do one job is okay, being able to change roles makes a candidate for a light-industrial job truly stand out. Adaptable people are worth so much more to a company than individuals who have shown they can only do one certain task or job. Make sure to feature your capacity to adapt when putting together your resume for a light industrial job.

Being team player

The ability to work well and communicate with others is important in every field, and light industrial work is no exception. Working as a team means being able to follow orders, but it also means knowing how to step in and contribute. Most leaders don’t want to micromanage their employees, and by pulling together as a team, employees show they are capable of accepting a certain degree of autonomy.

The willingness to provide the extra effort

Good employees in any industry also understand that some extra effort is required now and then. Putting in extra effort allows you to gain an employer’s confidence and sets you up for future success.

At Cornerstone, we know what light industrial companies are looking for. If you have the skills listed above, feel free to contact us regarding the many opportunities we have available!

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