Last year saw a significant uptick in companies using temporary workers, and with the Great Recession now squarely in the rear view mirror – experts are expecting the trend to continue for 2016.

The recession forced many employers to look to temporary employees as uncertainty about the economic recovery had them apprehensive about hiring on full-time employees. Now that the uncertainty has lifted like morning fog, many employers are seeing the benefits of temporary employees and leveraging them for success post-recovery.

Try Before You Buy

A 2015 CareerBuilder study found more than half of American employers said they plan to transition some of their temporary or contract staff into full-time employees.

That majority suggests putting employees on a trial basis as temporary workers is becoming the new-normal in the 21st century. The practice makes sense, as it can be difficult to tell how someone will perform in a role until you actually see them working a job.

One big difference between the recovery and now is that there are many more opportunities for workers out there now. Employers looking to give job candidates a trial run via a temporary assignment should consider a quick transition once they get the sense someone is going to work out, or risk losing them.

Less resources dedicated to finding employees

If the economy continues to pick up steam, as it is expected to do, your company may not have resources to spare when to comes to the hiring process. Sorting through resumes, interviewing candidates and onboarding employees takes significant time and money. The process also costs a company in terms of lost productivity.

Using temporary employees through a staffing agency allows a company to stay focused on its mission to provide goods and services. Also, since a staffing agency is a company specialized specifically for hiring, it increases the chances that well-suited employees will come walking through your doors.

Better odds for retaining employees

In addition to bringing in a better-matched candidate, the use of a staffing agency can also increase the chances of bringing in employees that will stay with your organization for years. This is because staffing agencies know their candidates intimately and are in a position to best match candidates with opportunities suited to their long-term goals. This lowers the amount of job candidates with the short-term goal of simply earning a certain wage.

Flexible and customized staffing solutions

The economy is expected to continue full-speed ahead, but what if a financial bubble bursts or an unforeseen event rocks the global economy?

Working with a staffing agency offers insurance against unforeseen events through the use of a flexible and customizable staffing solution. Furthermore, if your business is seasonal in nature, a temporary staff can be scaled up or down much faster than if a company were using full-time employees.

At Cornerstone, we are well-positioned to offer your company a high-quality talent acquisition solution. Simply give us a call and we can discuss an arrangement that best fits your needs.

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