Springtime means spring cleaning, and at home that means cleaning out the closets or mopping the kitchen. However, in the workplace, spring cleaning means clearing out the clutter to set your business up for success in the year ahead.

Workplace clutter is more than just a nuisance. It can lead to forgotten appointments, missed deadlines, lost productivity and unsanitary conditions. Just because you might be working in a manufacturing workplace, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to leave tools or materials lying around, or skip regular cleanings.

With a few simple spring cleaning steps, you can boost morale, safety and productivity throughout 2016.

Discard old paper materials

Do you have old manuals, mail or training materials lying around? Any paper materials that are outdated should to be recycled.

Check to make sure any information you might be throwing out isn’t available elsewhere. Often, manufacturers have their manuals freely available over the Internet. Also, look into digitizing any materials in order to save space.

It may sound like a small step, but you might be surprised how getting rid of these old paper materials can really tidy up a workspace.

Audit equipment and policies

Employees aren’t productive if they are using outdated equipment or still doing their job in an outdated manner.

Old, out-of-date equipment has a way of lying around for “just in case” reasons. While it’s completely fine to keep this equipment around, if you have limited space it can get in the way and hamper productivity.

Develop and perform an annual audit and for old equipment. In addition to functionality, an audit also needs to perform an ergonomics assessment. An audit should also asses any workplace furniture.

Furthermore, an annual spring cleaning should audit policies and procedures. Changes in technology and legislation are constantly coming, and policies should adapt accordingly.

Dust, clean and wash your surfaces

We touch countless surfaces every day; surfaces that may be harboring viruses and bacteria. Any spring cleaning should include spending time dusting, washing, wiping and sanitizing work surfaces.

Don’t forget your computer surfaces! Crumbs have a way of landing under keys and coffee stains have a way of appearing as well. While you’re at it, bind together loose computer cables and keep them out of the way.

Also, make sure your walls and ceilings get the attention they deserve. These surfaces are often overlooked in manufacturing facilities, and often harbor dirt and grime. While cleaning these surfaces, have employees check for damage. If anything is found, set up a schedule and take care of it.

Set an example

Employees won’t fully engage with a spring cleaning unless you set an example by cleaning your personal workspace. Furthermore, rolling up your sleeves and helping out with the cleaning lets employees know they need to pitch in, too. So get out there and get cleaning!

If spring is a busy season for your business, feel free to contact Cornerstone today, and we can discuss the custom staffing solution that works for your business.

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