Hiring employees to work remotely can save your company a lot of money. The problem is, since you can’t check up on them physically, they require a high level of trust.

The telecommunting trend isn’t going anywhere, either. A 2015 Gallup poll found about 37 percent of Americans telecommute from time to time, up nine percent in 1995.

Since remote work is here to stay, it’s important that companies get a handle on just how to hire these kinds of employees.

Your virtual team will only be as good as the workers who comprise it. So, when you’re on the hunt for remote employees, make sure you seek for candidates who have these five qualities.

Emotional Intelligence

Remote workers are part of a bigger network of individuals who play an active role in your company’s mission. For this reason, emotional intelligence is very crucial. A worker’s emotional intelligence means they can effectively work together with others, take part in clear and professional online communication, stay away from confrontations and sustain meaningful relationships.

Truth be told, these are abilities that all workers need, whether they are working on location or remotely.

Digital Know-How

Staying in constant communication is vital working effectively with remote employees. If you have discussions over email, video chat, or some other means, your virtual workers should be capable of adapting to the technology and not falling apart when a minor glitch causes a communication breakdown.

Including these tools into the interview process will allow you to determine how well each candidate can sail the technological seas of communication.


Virtual workers must be self-motivating, since you obviously aren’t around to motivate them.

All workers should have “resolve,” defined as a person’s “passion and perseverance for long-term goals,” but it is particular crucial for virtual employees.

If given a task, will this person get it done it or leave it hanging? How will they solve problems without guidance from superiors?

When interviewing candidates for remote positions, ask open-ended questions on how they’ve approached projects and taken care of unexpected situations. These questions should give candidates the chance to respond by using their personal experience, as opposed to giving the answers they believe you would like to hear.

Telecommuting Expertise

More often than not, experienced telecommuters are fully aware of how to effectively work from home. They’ll also likely have learned they enjoy telecommuting, meaning you won’t have to worry about them suddenly jumping ship for an on-location job.

A Penchant for Skills Development

Remote employees will be part of a bigger team, and you’ll want them to commit to their skills advancement as you would with any other worker. Therefore, it’s essential that any remote workers you hire are open to and passionate about skills development. They must be dedicated to growing with your company.

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