A job search can be an irritating and anxiety-inducing experience – particularly if the search goes on longer than expected. If your job search is taking longer than usual, a few simple steps can help ease your anguish.

Stay Positive

It’s tempting to get down on yourself when you’ve been turned down for a job you thought you were perfect for, or when you don’t hear from a company that said they would keep you in the loop.

As opposed to feeling offended, bitter or helpless, a more effective way to stay on track for that next job is to take your emotions out of the equation. Every job search is full of rejection, even for highly qualified people, so remember that rejection is a sign of the company’s preference and needs, not an indication of your personal worth.

Respect the Hiring Company’s Timetable

When you’re searching for a job, time feels like it’s moving extremely slowly. Whether you’ve submitted your resume to a job you really want and now you’re waiting for a phone call, you’re waiting to hear about an in-person interview, or you’re waiting to find out if you got the job, some parts of the job hunt can feel like an eternity.

On the employer’s side, however, hiring managers are keeping up with a lot of other concerns, and hiring often isn’t their top concern. While you’re waiting nervously, they might not have even started looking through their pile of applications. It can help to keep this difference in perception in mind, and not get too upset if you haven’t heard back in what feels like a timely manner.

Don’t Put Everything Under a Microscope

Because a job search can be frustrating and decisions by organizations can be so challenging to anticipate, job seekers often attempt to find clues on their status in things that a recruiter says or does.

However, what job hunters often take as “signals” from organizations don’t actually reveal much at all. For example, showing you where your new office could be, telling you your experience is perfect and calling your references doesn’t always equal a job offer. In fact, that company may never call you again. Also, don’t assume you won’t get the job if the company re-advertises the job or doesn’t get back to you by a set date.

Consider Working with a Staffing Company

While being hired full-time is the ideal goal for a company, working temporary or contract job is a great option while job seeking or between career paths. Companies are often cautious of hiring applicants with long periods of unemployment, and working with an agency like ours can keep employment gaps from appearing on your resume.

Furthermore, a temporary or contract assignment can be a great way to gain skills and experience you would otherwise not have had. The skills and experience might be specific to a particular profession, or they might be learning how to thrive in a corporate culture and collaborative environment.

If you are considering partnering with a staffing agency, or need help in your job search, please contact us online today.




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