All of us have the occasional bad week or even longer periods at work when we feel frustrated with our jobs. Unfortunately, for some people, the bad times never seem to turn around: they stay bad or even get worse.

So, how do you know the difference between a bout of unhappiness and a genuinely bad situation? How do you know when it’s time to move on?

Here are a few ways you can look at the situation and figure out if it calls for action.

Has it been a bad week? A bad month? A bad year?

When you have a bad week, it’s often caused by making a mistake or having a disagreement with a co-worker. While these situations may be frustrating, they’re often nothing that a solid night’s sleep or relaxing weekend can’t take care of.

However, a little time off won’t work if you are feeling burned out. If the mere idea sitting at your desk inspires a sense of dread, if you’ve been feeling totally miserable for some time and can’t trace that feeling to a one-time incident, you might be working in a bad situation rather than slogging through a few tough days.

When thinking about job satisfaction in general, you’ll also want to think about the last time you felt genuinely enthusiastic and inspired by your job. Did a recent project or accomplishment make you feel fulfilled? Or, has going to work been an exercise in frustration that you do for a paycheck, benefits or routine?

If it’s been a long time since your work inspired you, that’s a strong indication you should probably take a serious look at your work situation.

Are you not feeling motivated?

A big part of deciding to stay at a job or a company is the prospect of moving up. If you can’t stand the thought of having your boss’s job, you have to think hard about what’s next. Odds are you’re not working as hard as you could, and this means more inspired people around you could pass you up for a raise or promotion, making you even more frustrated with your situation.

Have you been here before?

It’s also important to reflect and figure out if you’ve ever felt like this in the past. If you can’t remember ever feeling this uninspired, you are probably experiencing more than just a bad week.

If you have felt this way before, think about how you wound up resolving this situation in the past. Were you able to move forward with a bit of perseverance? Did you have to do something more drastic, like take a long vacation or meeting with your boss regarding your role at the company? A past solution might work again in the present.

At Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, we have a lot of experience in helping professionals get out of a bad work situation. If you’re looking to see what some of your career options are, please contact us today.


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