Every company, despite its size, has to be very productive and organized.

Human resources is one department that many companies count on further those goals of high efficiency and high productivity. HR is accountable for growing the company by hiring good people and putting successful practices into place for the well-being of all its employees. Variables like cost-per-hire, time-to-hire and turnover can serve as tipping points for a company’s success.

Human resources personnel must separate out considerable amounts of information and not having the proper tools to work effectively could hamper efforts. An applicant tracking system (ATS) can streamline the hiring system, producing more efficient outcomes.

An ATS is typically cloud-based solution that helps hiring personnel screen job candidates by collecting information and filtering the applicants based on particular criteria. Below are a few of the benefits of using an ATS.

Ease the Workload

Shifting through a stack of applications by hand can be a challenge for even the best hiring personnel. Besides this being a highly time-consuming and tiring process, there is a potential for passing up on good candidates in an ocean of resumes. An ATS uses keywords to separate out the candidates and get rid of those who don’t fit the requirements for a particular job before the application gets to a hiring manager. Furthermore, an ATS also monitors vacant positions that require filling. This helps reduce the stress on HR, who can now completely concentrate on the shortlisted applicants.

Less Cost-Per-Hire

One employee locating applicants and looking through applications in order to create shortlist is a system that could take days or weeks, which means a lot of billable hours. On the other hand, an ATS will perform the same tasks in just a few hours, saving considerable time and money.

In addition to refining the hiring process, an ATS can also help with the onboarding of new employees, further lowering the overall cost-per-hire.

Optimize Resources

Sourcing talent has progressed from placing ads in newspapers to posting on internet job boards to broadcasting over social media. An ATS can track the efficiency of several sources and mediums, allowing hiring personnel to find out which methods work best for filling a particular type of role. This understanding allows human resources to focus its energy properly, lowering needless costs.

Improve Applicant Experience

A less-than-enjoyable applicant experience will show the company in a bad light, tarnishing the brand. From going silent for weeks to not getting a definitive answer on a hiring decision, applicants often cite bad communication as a major pet peeve of the standard hiring process. An ATS can be set up to automate communications and permit quick messages to applicants. A simple and quick communication will go quite far in improving your candidates’ experience.

At Cornerstone, we have a number of technical tools and automated solutions that allow us to have a highly efficient talent acquisition process and coordinate effectively with our client companies. If your organization is looking to cut the time and money wasted from a long hiring process, contact us today.


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