If you’re tired of competing for jobs, maybe you should get to them before they get posted. By the time you see a job posted on a website, the hiring manager may already be inundated with applications and resumes. You could be the best person for the job, but if they are so tired of looking at resumes that they stop considering new ones, you’re out of the running. How can you get to these jobs first or uncover the jobs that won’t ever be posted? There are a few proven methods.


You’ve probably heard many times that networking is the best way to find a job. People say it because it’s true. Getting out and meeting people is an unbeatable way to ferret out potential opportunities and show off your abilities. Decision-makers at a growing company may only have a vague sense that they need to hire some people. They might not know exactly who they need to hire. Perhaps meeting you in person and learning your unique skill set will point them in the right direction.

Social Media

Use social media creatively in your job search. See which areas of a company are growing or identify their pain points by paying careful attention to what they share. Figure out who the real decision makers and influencers are and reach out to them. You can request a meeting or just share your thoughts. Be thoughtful! Don’t just say, “Sounds like your growing, got any jobs?” Try, “Sounds like you’re having trouble keeping up with X, Y or Z. Here’s what I do and how I can help.”

Build a Wish List

You have to work somewhere. Why not at your dream company? Make a list of the places you would love to work and become an expert on them. Follow them on social media. Scour their annual reports, dig into every corner of their website. Figure out where you would fit and find someone who can discuss current and future opportunities.

Work with a Recruiter

Find a recruiter who is an expert in your industry or the local job market and tell them what you are looking for. Share your skills, ask for an intro into your favorite company or ask them for advice on landing your ideal job.

If you’re looking for a great new job, Cornerstone should be your first stop. We use our long-standing relationships with employers to help talented people find positions that may never be posted. If you need help in your career, contact us today.



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