By: Monazza Awan

Despite how proven your talent sourcing procedures are, there’s no doubt recruiting technology is moving at breakneck speed, and the best hiring personnel are those who continuously try to differentiate themselves from the pack.

The following tech tools and techniques have been shown to be highly effective when searching for better employees, and we suggest looking into them for your organization.

RelinkLabs’ Job Title Research for Recruiters

If you’re looking to fill a niche or highly specialized position that you aren’t quite familiar with, this tool makes identifying core competencies a snap.

When you enter a title, the website provides the most critical skills for that role a simple to read visualization. The tool will also show you the probable previous position someone with this job was in, which allows recruiters and hiring personnel to seek out professionals who are ripe for a promotion. The RelinkLabs tool will tell you the most probable academic background and the average amount of time in a position. This function allows you to know if you’re making effective use of your time.


CandidateID enables businesses to take a comprehensive view of its talent pipeline and recognize every interaction a candidate has with their brand. With this intelligence, you can see the stages of the sourcing process that positively and negatively affect a hire. This knowledge enables you to concentrate on the people who are ready to hire, and keep tabs on those who need to spend more time getting to know your organization.


Hunter, a Chrome extension, is used with both LinkedIn and internet sites to locate email addresses quickly for a domain while also obtaining email addresses for LinkedIn profiles. The extension displays a confidence score to indicate the likelihood of a positive match. By pinpointing qualified professionals’ email addresses, this tool permits a more personalized strategy when recruiting or sourcing talent.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

There are several great software solutions out there that help hiring personnel connect to applicants, engage with them, understand their preferences and nurture those relationships so when the proper role opens, you have the ideal candidate already lined up. Look at several CRM solutions and figure out which one is best for your organization.

A Proven Staffing Partner

Of course, your best bet for finding qualified employees is to partner with an experienced staffing partner, like the professionals at Cornerstone. We have years of industry experience that can help you find the best employees for your particular need.

At Cornerstone, we stay current with all of the latest talent sourcing tools and tricks. Please contact us if your company is interested in taking advantage of our knowledge or experience.



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