Stepping outside your comfort zone is great for your development as a well-rounded person, so why wouldn’t the same principle apply to becoming a better professional?

Don’t be afraid to reach for that job you think you aren’t qualified for. If you do land an interview, don’t walk in thinking the odds are stacked against you. Needless to say, there will be instances when taking these leaps of faith are easier than others. When you’re tired and burnt out, it’s probably not the best time to write up a cover letter for that dream job you’ve been chasing. However, whenever possible, step out of your comfort zone, chasing after a job that seems out of your league or doing something else to boost your career that feels a bit intimidating.

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Intimidated

When job seeking, people regularly look at job requirements in a posting, see that their own skills and experience level fall short, and move on, hoping to avoid rejection and wasted time. However, that practice is often a big mistake, and it could be holding your career back. The requirements most job postings are a wish list, a false flag meant to scare off those who are severely unqualified or who lack confidence. The requirements often describe an ideal that businesses don’t really expect to see walk through their door.

A big reason you should apply to jobs you feel are a bit out of your league is because a lot of other people with your qualifications probably won’t apply, research has shown, and that means less competition for the job.

If you are going to apply for an “out of your league” job, you should be very familiar with the particular field and know which parts of the job description are essential for success in the role, and which skills are simply window dressing.

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure, try to connect with someone who is currently working in a similar role or who has worked in the role before. They should be able to tell you how you stack up against the job description and if you should throw your hat in the ring.

Getting Uncomfortable to Grow Your Career

You should be doing more than just applying to “out of your league” jobs. You should also be pursuing other career opportunities that feel intimidating.

Figure out the career opportunities that intimidate you, and create a list. Then, start doing these things that you’d normally avoid, even if it’s as small as going to a small networking event, or touching base with an old co-worker. We get bored by comfort and routine. When a professional situation feels a bit awkward and unsure, that’s when there’s an opportunity for growth. Furthermore, you’ll have a better possibility of getting that “out of your league” job if you take more chances to grow as a professional.

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