No matter what a job offer looks like, figuring out if you should take it or not can be a challenging decision.

It can be flattering to get a job offer and particularly tempting if you’ve been unemployed for some time or if you really want to get out of a current job. However, it’s important to look before you leap. Here are a few things to consider before making a decision on a job offer.

Continue Researching the Company

While you may have done some research in trying to the land job offer, now that you have the offer in hand, it doesn’t mean your research should stop. There is a lot more information out there and you should be making the most of it. Search around for as much information as you can on the business, its culture, financial health and anything else you think might be relevant. Locate current or former employees on LinkedIn and ask for their opinion about job.

It’s important to find out whatever you can regarding the organization’s financial health. If you decide to take the job and the company is underperforming, you could be looking at layoffs, downsizing and even your employer closing up shop. Keep in mind that even very successful businesses fail. If you don’t scrutinize a potential employer enough, you could be making a mistake.

How Are the People?

Speaking of current employees, it’s important that during the hiring process you get a sense of the people you would be working with – including your potential supervisor and co-workers.  These folks are essential for your job satisfaction and odds of success at a job. Sure, it is difficult to judge people after only a brief meeting, however, it’s important to pay attention and think about how you have been treated.

Keep in mind that most people seem nice at first. It’s the extra touches that can tell you if a company is really worth working for. For instance, good people will really try to get to know you, will keep you up to date the hiring process and go the extra mile to make you feel at ease throughout the process.

What Are Your Prospects?

Unfortunately, you can’t compare this offer to another one you might potentially receive down the road. Therefore, you need to be realistic about your prospects and try to determine if the offer in front of you is as good as you might expect or even better.

To help you make your decision, contrast the offer against a wish list of things you want in an ideal admin job. Sometimes suitable will have to do. Forget about the concept that there might be a perfect offer lying around, just waiting for you to notice it.

At Cornerstone, we regularly counsel professionals on the job offers they receive and their prospects on the current job market. If you are curious about how we can help you and your career, please contact us today.



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