Many career experts say you are best positioned to look for a new job while you are working because people who have a job already appear more desirable by nature.

With that said, job hunting while you are currently employed can be challenging. You need to avoid tipping off your current employer while not sacrificing the quality of your search. Below are a few tips on how to take the next step on your career path without ruining your current employment situation.

Don’t Tell Your Co-Workers

Everyone knows that word travels fast around the workplace. Therefore, if you truly don’t want word of your search to get back to your boss, don’t tell anyone you work with. Also, dropping that juicy tidbit of information into the company rumor mill can have many other ramifications, most of which are negative.

Don’t Use Company Phones or Devices

Most employers monitor the usage of their computers, phones and fax machines and that means you can’t use these devices if you want to keep a job search secret. In addition to increasing the chances of being found out, using these devices for what is a non-work purpose could also violate company policy, which would make firing you pretty straightforward.

Don’t Look for a New Job ‘On the Clock’

Of course, you could always just use your smartphone or another device to look for a new job at work, right? Well, that’s probably not a good idea either.

If you’re on the clock, you’re getting paid to do a job. Spending that time on other things, like job seeking or shopping online, can get you fired.

Schedule Calls and Interviews After Work Hours

If you are looking for a job, odds are you’re going to have many interviews. While you might be able to lie about a doctor’s appointment and get away from the workplace once or twice, you probably can’t keep that up without arousing suspicion.

A better strategy is to simply schedule your phone calls and interviews for times when you don’t need to make up an excuse to get away from work.

Be Mindful of Your Attire

If you frequently dress casually for work then suddenly roll into the office in a suit, it will trigger your boss’s suspicions. Normally, attention from the boss might be a good thing, but the sudden switch will cause your supervisor and others to speculate if you are decked out for a job interview.

If you do have a job interview after work or on your lunch break, figure out a place, like a public bathroom, to do a fast wardrobe change.

Use Past, Not Current, Employers as References

If you don’t want your present-day supervisor to realize you are on the lookout for a new job, you obviously can’t use them as a reference. Most potential organizations recognize that and will be happy with a reference from the not-too-distant past.


Ready to Find a New Opportunity in 2018?

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