By: Robert Lawrence


While American workers tend to be some of the most productive workers in the world, there’s always room for improvement!

Rewarding good behavior and coaching employees away from bad behaviors are effective ways to boost productivity, but they’re also narrow, short-term productivity solutions. In order to boost productivity long-term across a range of areas, businesses need to adopt productivity solutions into their infrastructure and company culture.

Consider the following ways to make your transportation team even more productive than it is already.

Embrace Automation

Automation isn’t just replacing workers with robots. It’s using apps and programs with built-in automated features to handle repetitive duties. For instance, most programs that deal with numbers have formulas that calculate multiple inputs with a single click.

Of course, there are also a number of automated, robotic solutions for today’s warehouses on the market.

Boost Your Team’s Energy

Increasing the energy transportation workers have is a very effective way to boost their productivity. Discounted gym memberships or even an on-site fitness facility can encourage workers to stay healthy and full of energy.

Also, more and more research is coming out about the negative health effects associated with long periods of sitting. If members of your team spend a lot of time sitting, find ways for them to get up and get moving during the day. For those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, a standing desk is a great way to get them up and off their seat.

Increase Skill Sets

Busy employees and companies might not think they have time to learn new skills. However, giving employees new skills by offering training classes, as well as mentorships and cross-training opportunities is an investment that rewards both the employee and the company.

Furthermore, inspiration often comes with gaining new skills, and employees who are learning on the job are more likely to be engaged with their work.

Allow for Regular Breaks

Most companies allow their workers a break for lunch and several shorter breaks to refresh during the day. However, studies show the average attention spans is only around 45 minutes, which means the mind needs more than just three breaks in an eight-hour workday.

If you’re looking to more productivity, better quality of work and fewer mistakes, encourage your team members to take a quick two- to five-minute break every 45 minutes to recharge and refresh.

Review Your Routines

A great way to increase productivity is to have your transportation team take a hard look at their individual routines and figure out improvements. Your team members have intimate knowledge about every single thing they do each day; it makes perfect sense to harness that knowledge in order to increase productivity.

A program that incentivizes process improvements not only boosts productivity on its face, it also empowers workers, which leads to higher levels of engagement.


Is Your Productivity in Need of a Boost?

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