During the winter, when the snow is flying, it’s not hard to put your nose to the grindstone at work. In the summer, it’s much harder; anything from the beach to the golf course could be calling your name.

Unfortunately, if you want to keep collecting a paycheck, you have to stay focused and productive at work during the summer – and that’s easier said than done. Summer burnout can creep up on you like a bad sunburn, but you can avoid it with a few preventative steps.


Thanks to technology, many of us are on the job 24/7/365. As noted above, being accessible when you’re cooped up in January isn’t as bad as being accessible at the family barbecue. During the summer months, it’s important to disconnect from your electronic devices and get regular “me time.”

If taking the whole evening or weekend away from work isn’t possible, try assigning yourself specific times when you should check your messages. For instance, check emails once after dinner and Saturday afternoons, or another “dead time” in your weekend. Arranging these short blocks of time takes away the stress of being available – without having to sacrifice your availability.

Get Exercise and a Healthy Amount of Sleep

It’s tempting to try to make the most of the good weather and regularly stay up late or get together with friends. However, you shouldn’t be doing so at the expense of regular exercise and good sleep hygiene. Regular exercise allows our bodies to better deal with stress and studies are regularly showing just how important sleep is to overall health.

Re-Engage in Your Work

Let’s face it: If you’re not on vacation, you have to be at work, so you might as well make the most of it. Summertime can be a great time to re-engage with your job and rediscover the things you like about it.

Focus on doing your favorite tasks as well as possible. Make it a point to take pride in your achievements. Look for ways you can innovate or improve your procedures.

Schedule Relaxation Time

Even if you don’t have vacation available, you should still prioritize time to relax during the summer. Maybe your idea of relaxation is a reading a good book at the park, making something from your favorite cookbook or paddling a kayak down a nearby river. Whatever it is, make time for your favorite relaxation activity if you think burnout is looming.


How can you beat summer burnout?

At Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, we know burnout can also affect a summer job search and we’re always available as a resource for summer job seekers. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your job search.

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