It’s time to look back at the year that was here on the Cornerstone Staffing Solutions blog. We wrote about a lot of important topics last year. Below is a short list of our favorite posts from 2018.

5 Things to Remove From Your Workday to Make You More Productive

Eliminating waste from your workday is often the best path to higher productivity and lower stress. After you get rid of less efficient habits and tasks, you can better plan to handle long-term challenges and tackle small problems before they become massive headaches.

Things to remove from your workday should include mental organizing, multitasking, slow-rolling in the morning, the habit of immediately responding to emails and tasks that produce minimal return on effort.

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How to Spot a Toxic Employee in the Workplace

Although holding on to your top employees is essential, shedding toxic workers is even more integral to better productivity and employee engagement.

Toxic employees can often seem to be solid team members. But often, they are actively undermining company values through unethical or illegal behavior. Toxic workers can be tough to spot in the standard hiring process. Even rooting them out after they have been with your company for some time can be tough.

There are signs to look for, however. In general, toxic employees avoid doing work, take on too much work, fight with everyone around them or are a bad fit with the rest of the team.

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Use These 5 Safety Tips in Your Warehouse

Warehouses are among the most dangerous places to work in America. They are filled with heavy items on elevated platforms with large vehicles moving at moderate speeds.

Considering these dangers and others, a regular comprehensive and genuine safety assessment is a good practice to embrace. Warehouse supervisors also have to develop a culture of safety. Safety is a group undertaking, and if somebody’s not adopting proper procedures with respect to safety, or doesn’t know appropriate procedures, that puts everybody in danger.

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Why Someone Who Interviews Well Might Not Always Be the Best Choice

Although job interviews have stood the test of time as a tool for evaluating candidates, recent research has indicated interview performance isn’t a great predictor of how someone will do in the job. Because people who tend do well in interviews are charismatic, their appeal can often distract hiring managers from better candidates.

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Are You Struggling to Keep Employees Engaged? Try These 3 Tips!

Every company should strive to have an engaged workforce. Engaged employees work harder, are more productive and are more likely to come up with innovative new solutions.

Fortunately, engaging employees isn’t difficult. It simply requires smart policies and a deliberate effort.

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