When people think of diversity in the workplace, they tend to think of it in the context of society a large. For instance, a lack of diversity in corporate America often comes up in conversations around disadvantaged groups, and how to lift up individuals within those groups.

However, the importance of diversity in the workplace is about much more than what is good for society. People’s ethnicity, gender, cultural and other backgrounds often fade into the back of the mind when everyone has to work together to achieve a goal.

While it can be a source of workplace conflict, diversity is more often a source of strength. Research has indicated a direct correlation between more diverse workforces and greater innovation.

Consider the following benefits of diversity in your workplace.

A broader set of skills and knowledge

People from different backgrounds can provide a wide array of abilities and experiences, all of which can benefit an organization. While some crossover of abilities can be helpful with regards to employees assisting each other, it’s helpful to hire individuals with a broad range of skills and experiences among your team means a wider range of potential solutions. Furthermore, there is a potential for staff members to learn from each other.

More innovation

By working together with people of various backgrounds, experiences and working habits, creative solutions can come from employees bouncing ideas off each other, constructive feedback and suggestions. For instance, one person might be great at spit-balling exciting, outside-the-box ideas, but another person may have the experience to execute these ideas. A diverse team allows for people from very different backgrounds to play on each other’s strengths and produce amazing results.

Greater productivity

Staff members are more prone to feel comfortable and engaged in surroundings where inclusivity is a valued. Equality at work is also helpful for encouraging people from all backgrounds to feel confident about their abilities. All of this can lead to higher team morale, which in turn leads to more effective staff members.

More attractive brand

A business that values diversity in its hiring practices will appeal to a broader range of consumers and job seekers, as it appeals to people from all walks of life. Even if your workforce doesn’t include persons from every conceivable background, just the effort to be inclusive will be noticed by consumers and job seekers.

More language capabilities

Language limitations and cultural differences can act as a barrier for a company that wants to grow their business in certain communities or overseas. If your company hires people who speak different languages, however, it makes tapping into these markets much more possible.

Even if your company isn’t looking to tap into foreign language markets, having people on staff who know a different language can be useful when trying to learn about industry developments being written about in a foreign language.

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