Spring cleaning shouldn’t be just clearing the junk out of your closets and donating old clothes. An annual spring cleaning should also be applied to the workplace.

Regardless of whether your company is seasonal in nature, getting more organized in springtime is always a good idea. It can boost productivity and morale by lowering the waste and frustration caused by clutter.

Consider the following ways to get your workplace more organized this spring.

Clean up

The idea of becoming more organized through cleaning is so obvious, it’s easily overlooked. Ask your employees to clean up their individual work areas and work together to clean up common areas. Store away items that rarely get used and make sure items that get used often are readily available. Make sure to leave room for blank space, which is always at a premium.

Eliminate multitasking

Even though it might seem that multitasking is an effective approach to work, trying to focus on several tasks at the same time both lowers productivity and works against organization, research has revealed.

To help employees stop multitasking, get them in the habit of prioritizing tasks and working on the top-priority task first. This approach to work not only boosts productivity and lowers stress levels, it also leads to better organization.

Establish an online information-sharing platform

Set up an online platform, like a network drive or folder, for keeping documents, templates, company policies, the employee handbook and other information staff members need to access frequently or quickly. Having one area for this kind of information allows for easy access, and the paperless approach is easy to organize.

An online shared calendar can also inform employees on all shifts about the latest developments and current objectives. This calendar can also help staff members organize short-term and long-term individual objectives.

Make time daily for planning

Have workers to put aside 15 minutes at the end of each day for planning. Include another 15 minutes at the end of each week to review the week and go over the next week’s schedule.

Helping your staff members with their planning abilities also adds to overall organization. Enable them to get materials or information ahead of time whenever possible. A focus on planning can also help staff members see where they might be trying to do too much, which can point to a need to reprioritize tasks or assistance.

Perform a task audit

Over time, employees can find themselves taking on ad hoc responsibilities they are not particularly well-suited for doing. Maybe an employee left the company and one of their unique duties was passed off to the wrong person. Or, an employee received a promotion and mistakenly held on to one of their old responsibilities.

A task audit can help you ensure your most valuable resource – your employees – is being optimized.

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