Hiring is a costly undertaking for organizations that costs significant time and money.

Considering that most organizations are reliant on many important employees, it makes sense that worker retention should be a high priority, as a more effective usage of resources is to retain talent as opposed to having to regularly hire new staff members.

High turnover is often caused by bad hiring decisions. When a hire is not adequately qualified or does not properly fit into the company culture, the employment situation tends to deteriorate quickly. Despite why an employee might not end up working out, there are things companies can do to make better hiring decisions and reduce worker turnover.

Consider the following three essential suggestions to ensure your employees are content and dedicated to remaining with your company.

1) Focus on workplace culture

It’s easy to claim your business has a positive culture, but it takes more than an occasional pizza lunch to keep employees engaged. Even competitive compensation and a generous health insurance plan may not be sufficient with today’s competitive labor market.

True employee engagement is a two-way street, and an engaging culture must be rooted in the personalities and feedback of employees. For instance, employees say they want to work in an environment that has a contemporary feel, you should invest in facilities and décor that feels inspiring to your team. On the other hand, if your employees want more social events, you should schedule regular family-friendly events and happy hours.

On the flip side, if someone isn’t a good cultural fit, that employee is a high risk for quitting or being terminated. However, many companies bypass this important assessment in their candidate selection process. Or, they consider cultural fit but do a poor job in their assessments.

Training interviewers on screening for cultural fit through behavioral interview questions and other tactics is not just integral to reducing worker turnover, but also leads to more precise, unbiased hiring decisions.

2) Target recruitment efforts

The best way to keep employees from leaving is to hire the right people in the first place. That being said, being aware of what kind of applicant will make a solid worker for the long term is a challenging task, and one that is a constant struggle for employers.

Writing targeted job descriptions and posting those positions in the right places can increase the number of good applicants coming through your door. Properly written job descriptions encourage low-potential applicants to opt out and encourage high-potential job seekers to apply. Posting in niche and industry-specific job sites can also help you to connect to high-quality candidates.

3) Provide coaching and feedback

Workers should feel appreciated, but they also want to know what they need to do to flourish and advance their careers. Offering regular feedback and coaching can help employees feel like you are invested in their success and development. They will feel a greater sense of loyalty in return.

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