Warehouse work can be very fulfilling, but it’s not without accidents, the most common being slips and falls.

Simply put, slips and falls occur when traction is lost between the foot and walking surface. A fall can also occur as a result of contact between a person and a fixed or moving object. Most of these accidents are possible to avoid, and the key to prevention is awareness. The greater the level of awareness, the better equipped warehouse staff is to cultivate a safe working environment.

Warehouse employees are there to earn a paycheck and build a career. Nobody wants to end their day with an injury. With this in mind, think about the following suggestions to prevent slips and falls.

Conduct daily hazard checks

Devote some time each day to scanning the warehouse floors and removing dirt, trash and/or liquids. Make a note of any areas that need regular attention during the day. Also, be on the lookout for loose surfaces, uneven flooring, cracks in flooring, large items in walkways, poorly lit areas and other factors that could cause a slip or fall.

If you take the time to do this daily and train your staff to be on the lookout for anything might be slip or fall hazard, you’ll significantly minimize the number of slips and falls in your warehouse.

Fix hazardous surfaces

An uneven walkway is a slip or fall waiting to take place. Even if you post a sign or mark off an area, it’s still a hazard to your staff and anyone else who might come through your workplace. When you notice an area, even a low-traffic area, poses trip or fall risk, make it a priority to address it. The cost of addressing a slip or fall hazard will invariably be less than the cost of injuries, missing an employee and possibly getting a replacement worker if someone gets hurt.

Check equipment and replace if necessary

Even your most responsible and cautious worker is at risk when equipment, materials and areas are not kept clean, tidy and maintained. Ensure your staff members know they should keep their equipment, tools and workspaces clean and free from debris. Slip and falls are more likely to occur when something is ignored or disregarded.

Emphasize slips and falls in safety training

Don’t think because someone has been through safety training they don’t need any more safety support. A highly effective way to minimize slips and falls is to ensure your staff members stay aware of the risks. Post signs and focus on slips and falls in the safety manual, which all employees should be able to access. Regularly talk with your employees about new hazards, and ensure they understand how to both minimize risk and handle accident situations.

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