The logistics industry is highly competitive, and the competition for drivers among companies is probably one of the most intense forms of industry competition.

Trucking businesses must put significant time and energy into locating driver candidates, hiring them and holding onto their own drivers. There are millions of qualified drivers in the United States, all with different degrees of expertise and training. However, as many drivers as there are, most fleets aren’t running at 100 percent capacity. Also, not every driver has the training and safety record to meet your company’s standards.

Some larger logistics businesses have driver recruitment and marketing programs that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your business doesn’t have the resources to go this route, you have to learn how to source well-qualified truck drivers at a reasonable cost.

The pursuit for qualified truck drivers in 2019 is challenging. However, if you’re dedicated to an effective process, it can be done. Below are a handful of suggestions to make for an efficient process.

How Can I Find The Best Drivers for my Company?

1. Talk to Your Current Drivers

One of the best ways to hire good drivers is to get ‘inside information’ from your current top drivers. Ask them what they like best about driving for your company and use that feedback in pitches to candidates. Ask your top drivers what they like least and work to boost retention by addressing those pain points. When you make life easier for your top drivers, you essentially turn them into ambassadors for you as an employer.

Talking to drivers is also a great way to get referrals. Drivers frequently speak with other drivers, dispatchers and warehouse employees about their various job situations. By engaging with your drivers, you can find out when a qualified driver is looking for a new job opportunity.

2. Leverage Social Media

Truck drivers usually are not renowned for being up on the latest trends and technology, but that does not mean they aren’t on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Drivers often talk about work-related issues on social websites, just like everyone else.

If you disregard the driver community social channels, you run the risk of falling behind your competitors. If you have a social presence but you aren’t getting much engagement from drivers, that simply means your strategy isn’t focused enough. Think about developing your audience by sharing logistic and other content that drivers should be interested in reading.

3. Connect to Driver Schools

Rather than pay top dollar for experienced truck drivers, think about hiring the new drivers and making them great. Driver schools are a great resource for connecting to young, qualified drivers, if you’re prepared to invest in the training of entry-level drivers. Despite the fact they produce drivers with little to no experience, CDL schools are often filled with high-quality individuals, such as former military drivers.

4. Partner Strategically

At CSS, finding the right AND best professionals is what we do best! We can save you money and time looking for the right people to fill the positions you needed filled yesterday.

We Can Find Drivers for Your Company!

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