An admin staff functions as the nerve center of any business, making it essential to organizational success. From taking phone calls to event planning, an admin staff is busy throughout the typical workday and required to wear many hats.

With regard to hiring an administrative assistant, finding quality applicants with the proper knowledge, abilities and experience can be difficult.

The following steps can help you find and hire great people for your admin staff.

List Essential Skills and Qualities

Begin by listing the responsibilities your new admin will likely handle, the must-have abilities and personal qualities someone will need to flourish in the job. This activity can also allow you to decide if one new admin will be sufficient, or if the amount of work calls for several new employees – in addition to if you need to full-time employees or temporary employees.

Write a Targeted Job Posting

Invest time in writing out the sort of job posting that draws in great applicants. In addition to providing an accurate description of the job and its duties, a good posting excites those who are best-fit candidates for the job and the company, while discouraging those who aren’t. For instance, language that talks about a laid-back, creative environment will discourage those who want structure and a high-paced position.

It is critical to use an updated description that accurately reflects what’s most critical for success in the open position.

Cast a Wide Net with a Talent Recruiter

The broader you cast your search, the greater the chance of securing an applicant who is a great fit for the job, or possibly, someone who exceeds expectations.

Start by making use of a strong employee referral program. Your staff members aren’t likely to recommend low-quality candidates, making a referral program a great and efficient resource

Talent acquisition experts are a great resource for identifying the proper admin staff to suit the needs of your company. These folks understand how to attract the best admin talent, have large talent networks and they work together with administration professionals every day.

An experienced recruiter can ensure these administrative job seekers are aware of top job openings and evaluate prospect qualifications to identify best-fit candidates for their clients’ vacancies. A talent acquisition specialist can also help clients with their job description and screening process so they can hire the best candidates possible.

Focus on the Little Things in Interviews

When communicating with an admin candidate, you’re getting a preview of what they’d be like in the job; since are a de facto admin for themselves as a job seeker. The way a candidate writes emails, talks on the phone and composes a resume can all shed light on how they might perform in the position. Pay attention to their verbal communication skills, how they treat others when they come in for an interview and other small details. All of these little things offer helpful insights into what someone may be like on the job.

We Can Help Your Company Find Great Admin Staff Members

At Cornerstone, we take pride in helping our clients find and hire top admin talent. Please contact us today to find out how we can do the same for your company.

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