If you’ve done a good job of finding the right people for your logistics team, you will find that your team mostly runs itself. However, there will invariably be times when you need to step up as a leader. 

Being outstanding at anything, from painting to computer programming, doesn’t occur overnight. In fact, being an outstanding leader is more art than science, as sometimes, a great leader has to come up with creative solutions based on their knowledgeexperience and core habits. 

Below are a few habits of great leaders and ones you should embrace if you’re looking to provide leadership to your logistics team in a time of need. 

Think Big Picture 

When you’re in a leadership position it can be hard to remember the big picture. Between meetings, putting out fires, administrative tasks, handling individual employee issues and making sure work gets done on time, leaders are often focused on the next obstacle in front of them, not stepping back and seeing the big picture.  

However, keeping a big picture mentality helps you to remember the company’s goals and how you can translate them in meaningful ways for your employees. 

Make Informed, Confident Decisions 

Employees look to their leaders for decisiveness. Being wishywashy undercuts your authority and creates doubt amongst your team.  

In order to make good decisions with confidence, you need to do your homework. Before making significant decisions, get all the facts and multiple points of view. Trust that your employees can provide boots-on-the-ground information and fully engage them in your decision-making process. 

Focus on Important Tasks, not Urgent Ones 

We can easily get caught up in making decisions and taking action based on urgent deadlines. When this situation gets out of control, it can result in spending more time putting out fires than actually achieving big goals. 

Rather than having deadlines dictate your leadership approach, you should be focusing on the big picture. Occasionally list out the top company goals under your purview and ensure that your making regular progress toward them. 

Empower Your Team Members 

An effective leader empowers her or his team members, giving them opportunity to voice their opinions and have a vote in decision-making processes. When you give everybody on your team a voice and opportunity, it inspires them and give them a sense of ownership over their work. This, in turn, cultivates loyalty and morale. Business leaders who empower are rewarded with efficiency and creativity. 

Prioritize Transparency and Strategic Communication 

Keep your employees current and in the loop as much as possible, making certain that everybody is on the same page and focused. 

It is also essential to communicate the proper messages at the proper time. Regardless of the message, timing can make all the difference. Be deliberate in your communications and you’ll be more likely to inspire, encourage and provide reassuring support. 

We Can Help You Be a Successful Leader 

At Cornerstone, we support successful leaders by providing them with custom services and talent solutions. Please contact us today to find out how we can make you a more effective business leader. 

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