While the job of an administrative assistant does call for some technical skills, the job mostly calls for the use of soft skills like organization and communication. 

An admin team is the cornerstone of any company, helping everyone else in the organization to get the things done and make good decisions. Accountable for setting schedules, communicating for management, keeping contact lists, and more, they function as integral support positions. 

If you are looking to get more out of your admin team or looking to expand it, consider the following key soft skills that are essential to the success of an administrative assistant. 

1) Communication 

One of the most critical abilities for any admin is communication. A business must be able to trust the admin team to effectively be the voice of management. Typical communication duties can involve talking with customers, sending orders to suppliers or communicating with partners, all in a timely manner. 

Furthermore, it’s crucial for admins to have a pleasant and positive persona when they communicate with customers, clients, and employees. 

2) Organization 

Admins help others stay organized. Admins are responsible for organizing schedules, coordinating events and keeping files in a system that makes sense for everybody else. The good organization ensures that people in this company can readily follow an efficient structure. 

Good organizing skills aren’t just good for keeping others on task. They are also helpful for the admins themselves, as they must wear many hats and juggle multiple tasks as once. In order to be effective for others, an admin must be able to effectively organize their responsibilities. 

3) Adaptability 

Admins have to be capable of adapting. Situations can shift quickly in modern business and an admin must be able to adapt swiftly. Admins often have to show creativity in handling their responsibilities. This is particularly critical when decision-makers are unavailable and during a crisis situation. 

4) Ability to Anticipate 

The difference between a decent admin and a great admin is their capacity to anticipate and be proactive. A great assistant will take steps to support the company based on knowledge and experience, rather than wait around for direction. For example, if the business contact list is growing stale and out of date, a strong admin will update it before it becomes an issue. 

5) An Eye for Detail 

When an admin has an eye for detail, it makes them better at every part of their job. For instance, when handling sensitive communications, detail-oriented admin will be more likely to catch grammatical mistakes and typos. Overlooking minor details in an email or memo can leave a bad and potentially costly impression on the recipient. 

Being detail-oriented also helps with common admin tasks like data entry and scheduling 

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