Just about every company faces a number of staffing-related issues, and many employers outsource staffing functions in order to address these issues. 

Below is a shortlist of common staffing challenges and how a company can address them by partnering with a staffing agency. 

Managing The Unexpected

With our current crisis.  Managing your workforce is volatile at best.  If you’ve had to shut down operations, then it’s key to have a workforce partner that can help you manage the huge hiring needs you’ll have during the recovery. If you’re labeled an essential business, shifting to the changing needs of the marketing and supply chain also means finding the right people for your team too.

A Lack of Staffing Flexibility 

Some industries and company departments are seasonal in nature. A lot of companies also have large projects and busy periods that can put a lot of pressure on full-time staff members. 

Temporary staff make it possible for a company to adjust more readily and rapidly to workload variations. Temporary staff members can also help cover for worker absences due to vacation, parental leave, illness or disability. 

Staffing agencies can swiftly supply a company with well-qualified staff. The outcome is a more effective workforce and greater ability to seize opportunity. Furthermore, improving efficiency improves an organization’s bottom line and worker morale. 

Also, some businesses will regularly employ the same temporary worker who has proven to be a valuable asset. A temporary worker can also help a company to stay productive while searching for the ideal full-time employee. 

Costly Bad Hires 

Bad hires happen all the time and unfortunately, they cost a company a lot of money. One way that companies address this issue is by using a temp-to-hire approach when looking to bring new employees onboard. 

A temp-to hire arrangement starts off with a temporary assignment, but one that can possibly to result in longer-term employment. During this trial phase, the business has a chance to evaluate someone’s abilities as they deal with various responsibilities. The company can also determine how well someone suits the organizational culture. This kind of assessment provides a far more comprehensive picture of prospective staff members than any job interview. 

Temp-to-hire workers also bring a fresh perspective to a business. If this outlook brings substantial value, the business can choose to hire them on a full-time basis. 

Difficult-to-Fill Positions 

Usually involving specialized, in-demand skills, difficult-to-fill positions can be the bane of a hiring manager’s existence. An effective way to address this problem is to use a “direct hire” approach, which involves enlisting a staffing partner to hire for a full-time position. 

A good staffing firm has a massive network of candidates that often includes individuals with specialized skills and experience. 

A Cumbersome Staffing Strategy 

Companies that have a lot of temporary, temp-to-hire and contract employees have the challenge of managing a large staffing strategy with a lot of moving parts. This problem is typically addressed through the use of an onsite management solution. 

One or more onsite representatives from a staffing company can address large and varying hiring requirements, as well as participates with the client in onboarding, employee relations and recognition. An onsite solution can maximize a staffing investment by using programs that boost quality, support productivity and lower turnover. 

We Can Help Your Company Address Its Staffing Challenges 

At Cornerstone, we help our clients address a broad range of staffing challenges with temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire solutions, as well as onsite staffing management. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company. 

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