Making the effort to sufficiently screen each job candidate is the best approach to steer clear of issues with new hires. Understanding how to correctly vet and hire safe employees is essential to keeping people safe and on the job

Below are ten essential steps you should take to hiring safe workers.

1) Make Safety a Part of Your Employer Brand

Workplace safety should be a major part of your company’s overall brand. References to safety should be in your job description and considered as part of an Employee Value Proposition.

2) Use Behavioral Interview Questions

The quickest way to recognize the best applicants is by using behavioral interview questions, which quiz applicants on how they handled a tricky safety issue in the past. The best responses should demonstrate how to best prioritize on-the-job safety.

3) Check References

Checking professional references not only enables you to confirm qualifications, it also allows for a deeper analysis of a candidate’s safety track record.

4) Criminal Background Checks

Performing criminal background checks on applicants is a complex legal issue. That said, criminal background check can reveal that a candidate has been reckless or even a danger to other people.

5) Drug Testing

Drug testing should be performed in accordance with all federal, state and local laws. Importantly, if you are going to perform pre-employment drug screening, it should be performed on all applicants – not just those suspected of drug use.

6) Portfolios

Where relevant, review applicant portfolios for indications on their safety track record. Portfolios can indicate the quality of someone’s work as well as their attention to detail; both of which are relevant when it comes to assessing their attitude toward safety.

7) Passion

While not necessarily a make-or-break indicator, passion for their profession is one thing to think about when trying to hire safe workers. Passionate employees tend to have a great work ethic and high level of focus. As a result, they tend to be safer employees.

8) Ask for Certifications

Try to find skilled employees with essential certifications or licenses that include a safety component. Ask applicants about the OSHA-specific training they may have had in past jobs. Employees with proper credentials and training are more likely to have a strong knowledge of workplace safety hazards and how to steer clear of them. This paperwork should give you confidence about the people you hire to work in your company.

9) Ensure Best-Fit Hires

Regardless of how thorough your workplace safety strategy, it’s destined for failure if you hire individuals who don’t have the correct abilities and experience. Putting the best-fit person in each job also boosts efficiency, morale and rises engagement.

10) Look for Red Flag Behaviors

Pay attention to candidate’s actions during the interview process. Did they arrive promptly? Did they remember all the materials needed for the interview? Were they alert and focused?

Asking these questions can provide a lot of clues regarding candidates’ attitude toward safety.

We Can Help Your Company Find Safe Employees

At Cornerstone, we help our clients locate and hire candidates with exemplary safety records. Please contact us today to find out how we can help make you company safer.

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