For the past three years, Cornerstone Staffing Solutions has won the prestigious Best of Staffing award, and our company was awarded the highly prestigious Diamond ranking for 2020. 

Given by survey company ClearlyRated, the Best of Staffing is aindustry award that identifies exceptional service using ratings from clients and placed talent. The Diamond award is given for five consecutive years of superior customer service.  

Surveys are validated and assessed based on staffing industry standards. Through the use of industry benchmarks, ClearlyRated establishes the minimum score that staffing companies must get to earn the Best of Staffing award for client and/or talent satisfaction. This approach helps to ensure the service of winning companies is significantly above average. 

These yearly awards help to distinguish exceptional talent acquisition agencies. These awards also offer both employers and people looking for work with a degree of assurance as they review staffing agencies with which to potentially partner. 

With respect to earning the Diamond award, one particular client survey response for Cornerstone says it all: “The established customer relationship with Cornerstone is professional and we look forward to continue our business with them. 

What Diamond-Level Service Looks Like 

The best talent acquisition companies work hand-in-glove with their clients in a long-term, and mutually beneficial relationship.  

The proper staffing lover can be a wonderful source of companies trying to find top talent. Knowing what to try to find and the proper questions to ask can allow you to identify a partner who will get you outcomes within your budget and without much ado. Ensure you assess your possible partners before agreeing to anything so you can identify the company which works best for you and your business. 

The proper function of a staffing company goes way beyond delivering you qualified applicants. Making the proper fit means taking your company’s goals into consideration and having an in-depth knowledge of business culture to make certain that talent can provide value as soon as possible. 

When looking to partner with a staffing company, try to find a partner with the time and resources to make your business a priority. Take note of how quickly a company responds to questions over email. If you get the company’s voicemail whenever you call and don’t get a response promptly, odds are your prospective partner won’t be able or prepared to make your company a priority. 

Also, make sure you ask prospective talent partners about each phase of delivery. This is especially critical with regards to contracts and agreements, since these can get quite complex. 

The value to your bottom-line ought to be top-of-mind when looking at prospective talent partners. This is why, if aren’t certain about the value of a prospective partner’s offering, you should ask for the company’s track record with regard to client satisfaction. 

Consider Our Award-Winning Talent Services for Your Company 

When your company partners with Cornerstone, you can rest assured that you will receive some of the best service in the staffing industry. Please contact us today to find out how our award-winning service can support your company’s success. 


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