Some organizations see safety and compliance training as a hassle, and therefore, they only offer their employees the bare minimum, occasional training session. 

Your company should not be one of those companies. A program of regular safety and compliance training has all kinds of benefits for both your employees and your company, some of which are listed below. 

Roll with the Changes in Technology and Tactics 

Spanning 30 to 40 years, a typical career can include countless technological and process-related transformations. A great deal of change can occur even over the span of just 10 years.  

With most industries continuously evolving, staff members ought to be ready to adjust to shifting safety conditions. Simply put: You can’t take a 2010 approach to safety in 2020. 

A thorough compliance and safety training program that’s always being modified and adapted for the time is crucial for a safe workplace. 

Adapt to New Laws 

In addition to technological progress, the law is constantly changing too. Some industries have slow regulatory changes, and in others, it’s like drinking from the firehose, with constant flow of new safety regulations that must be tracked. Having staff members take quarterly classroom training often isn’t enough, particularly if your organization regularly hires new employees or uses a seasonal workforce. 

A variety of regular training sessions and online learning can help support your employees follow the most recent guidelines and regulations. 

Use it or Lose It

One big reason why continuous safety training is so important? People forget.  

Needless to say, some things in a worker safety program will be used on a daily basis. However, some information only has to be followed occasionally, yet must be remembered due to potential hazards.  

To keep knowledge and practices fresh in the mind, employees need regular practice. Most safety practices are not like riding a bike. Instead, they are like learning the lyrics to a song or learning another language: If you don’t use it, or you lose it. 

Increased Awareness 

Workers who regularly get safety and compliance training often have these concepts on the brain and that means a greater awareness. A regularly educated staff will be more capable of identifying possible hazards in workflows and work areas. They will be less likely to fall back on how things were always done, and more able to imagine different, safer ways of working. 

Support a Culture of Learning 

While regular safety training is about keeping your employees safe, that isn’t the only benefit. A regular schedule of safety training gets employees used to learning regularlywhich helps to cultivate an overall culture of learning.  

Regular safety training should be a part of regular employee training. Employees associate training with gaining skills and career advancement. when employees are learning regularly, they feel invested in by their employer and positioned for advancement. This type of culture helps inspire employeesreduce turnover and attract top talent 

We Can Be Your Partner in Safety and Compliance 

At Cornerstone, we fully support our clients when it comes to employee safety and compliance. Please contact us today to find out how we can support your organization. 

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