Every employer should be dedicated to minimizing workplace accidents due to the toll they can take on employees and their families. However, there is also a business side to safety, as workplace accidents can cost an employer thousands, or even millions, of dollars.

Many of the same types of injuries are costing employers a lot of money. The most common costly workplace injuries are sprains, strains, and tears caused by overexertion and repetitive motion. Other costly injury types include same-level falls, falling from heights and being struck by objects or equipment.

Watch Out For These Potential Hazards

1. Overexertion Injuries

Heavy-lifting and repetitive motions can be very demanding on the human body. Injuries associated with lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying and other physical activities cost companies greater than $15 billion and consisted of at least 24 percent of the injury-related financial burden in the US, according to a 2016 report from Liberty Mutual.

The correct support of the back, knees, and feet can help prevent these kinds of costly injuries. Braces and comparable personal protective equipment (PPE) offer injury prevention that is easy to use and fairly inexpensive. Other ways to prevent these kinds of injuries include, giving frequent breaks to workers who perform heavy lifting or repetitive motions, offering mechanical lifting equipment and changing up worker’s duties throughout the day.

2. Same-Level Falls

Although it may not seem like it, falling to the floor or ground from the same level is actually much more of a workplace safety issue than falls from heights.

The most standard injuries as a result of same-level falls are broken bones and fractures in the hand, arm, foot, leg, ankle, pelvis, spine, and hip. Fall prevention equipment and measures, safe walking habits and training staff members to identify fall hazards can reduce the occurrence of these kinds of incidents.

Even when a fall to the ground or floor doesn’t happen, a bad slip or misstep can cause muscle strains, tears and other serious problems.

3. Falling from Heights

Falls from roofs, ladders and elevated platform can be quite common, costing more than $5 billion annually, according to Liberty Mutual.

More than 60 percent of all falls from heights come from an elevation of 10 feet or less., meaning that serious attention can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of such incidents. Harnesses, safety nets, guardrails, toe-boards and railings are simple but effective ways to protect against these falls, as is the use of safe work habits.

4. Strikes by Objects or Equipment

According to the Liberty Mutual report, accidents involving falling objects or out-of-control equipment accounted for 8.6 percent of the national burden in 2016.

The use of PPE such as hard hats, work boots, goggles, and face shields can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of these accidents. Correct signage, fish-eye mirrors and situational awareness regarding potential dangers can also prevent these kinds of costly accidents.

We Fully Support Safe Work Practices

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