We understand that employers face tough times right now. There is a lot of uncertainty and constant change rattling every industry. 

During these challenging times, your company should turn to experienced, reliable partners. At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on being a top staffing partner and use our years of experience to benefit our clients. 

Below are just five benefits that can come from working with us. 

1) Customized Staffing Solutions 

We understand that offering generic staffing solutions is about as antiquated as using a pay phone. Our process involves close collaboration with hiring managers to ensure they receive precisely what they are looking for in a staffing solution. 

As we work intently and frequently with the same hiring personnel, we are able to develop a trust factor that is difficult to duplicate. through these close partnerships, our clients are capable of leveraging the power of effective collaboration in order to achieve their organizational objectives. 

2) Responsive Recruiting Strategies 

An important part of being a powerful third-party staffing company is knowing the real needs of department managers. While in-house hiring personnel could certainly have a deep understanding of their managers’ needs, the nature of an HR department means rarely having the opportunity to forge a deep understanding. Consequently, too many in-house hiring personnel get laser-focused on abilities, experience and pay rate to screen applicants. This can mean missing out on high-potential candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

Cornerstone hiring personnel understand real job needs, so our clients can hire individuals who are capable of hitting the ground running. 

3) Selective Screening Processes 

We take the complications and headaches out of the recruitment process so our clients can put more of their resources into their core revenue generating activities. We attract applicants, screen resumes, perform phone interviews, perform skills assessments, conduct drug screening processes and take care of any other activities needed to provide our plants with the best candidates possible.  

4) Relentless Focus on Results 

Our scalable staffing solutions our design to both produce results and create extraordinary experiences for our clients. Our industry leading approach involves close consultation and discussions around achieving the best results possible.  

Our recruiters work with fewer high-quality candidates and by managing the process from beginning to end, we don’t need to present more than three to four candidates in order for one to get hired. 

5) Best-Fit Staffing 

High quality recruitment is about more than just matching qualifications to job requirementsour refined recruitment process includes screening candidates for soft skills and cultural fit. Our goal isn’t just to provide our clients with competent candidates, but to provide them with people who will integrate well into their existing team, and even contribute to the group dynamic.  

Our bestfit approach is based on developing relationships with job seekers. Truly getting to know individuals takes more time, but it helps to ensure more successful hires. We also understand what individual job seekers are looking for in job opportunities, and our desire to meet their interests helps to achieve many win-win situations. 

Put Our Experience to Work for You

If your company is looking for staffing assistance during these turbulent times, you should consider contacting an experienced company like Cornerstone. Please contact us today to see ho we can help.

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