When applicants come in looking to land a job at your company, it is often difficult to know just how much value they’ll add to your organization. However, certain people make the decision to offer them a job pretty easily.

There are a few types of people your company should always be hiring. These folks are invaluable during both busy times and times of crisis.

People who fit your needs and values

When on the lookout for super star employees, an important thing to consider is the nature of your company. Does your organization value innovation more than expediency? Are workers deadline-driven? What are your company’s strengths and weaknesses?

The people you absolutely need to hire should either fit perfectly with your company values, or they should directly address your weaknesses. For instance, if part of your company’s mission is to make a difference in the community, you should seriously consider people with experience working for a nonprofit. On the other hand, if you need to upgrade your internet presence, you should be offering jobs to people with more than one strong social media profile.

People with strong tech skills

There isn’t a part of society that hasn’t been touched by technology or the internet. By hiring people with a strong technology background, your staff will be less likely to run to tech support with the first sign of a computer problem.

Hiring those with programming and software engineering backgrounds should be the highest priority when looking to fill open positions. These folks are able to develop automated tools that can exponentially increase your company’s productivity.

People with customer outreach experience

Often overlooked by many organizations, customer outreach is one of the most important business activities. Because it can be hard to measure their effectiveness, outreach efforts often fall by the wayside.

Your company should be hiring folks who know how to find new customers, and how to bring them back time after time. In the interview process, a super star employee should be able to show facts and figures that back up claims of being able to connect to untapped markets. Often, this means hiring someone who has built up a healthy social media following, either for themselves or for a company.

People with customer service experience

While you might think your products and services are flawless, customers will always have complaints, and these complaints may very well be justified. Your company needs people on staff who are used to dealing with dissatisfied customers.

People with great customer service experience should be able to give specific examples of how they retained unhappy customers, and the techniques they used to do so.

At Cornerstone, we’re always on the lookout for job seekers who will be super star employees for our clients. If your company is looking to expand or fill an open position, please contact us today and we can discuss permanent placement or temp-to-hire solutions for your organization.


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