With shopping to finish up and parties to attend, the holidays are often a time of year when productivity drops off as employees mentally disengage.

Most businesses don’t have the luxury of seeing their workers blow off the last few weeks of the year, and it’s vital for these businesses to keep their staff as engaged as possible. Businesses don’t need to launch new initiatives or overhaul the way they do things. They just need to take a few simple steps.

Provide Feedback

Whether or not your company provides annual reviews, the holiday season is a great time to engage employees by showing them what they are doing right and giving them a few things they can improve on to get ahead in your organization.

Providing feedback is particularly important for your front-line employees, who are vulnerable to being worn down by the daily grind. Doing hard work every day can make it difficult for them to see where their career is headed and how their work plays a role in the success of the company.

To boost worker engagement around the holidays, supervisors should give feedback to workers at every part of the company, from the upper-level management down to the lowest data entry person and production line worker. Every employee is essential and should be acknowledged for their influence on the company.

Invest in Employees’ Success

If your workers are lacking tools to make them as efficient as possible, the holidays are a great time to give them some of those valuable resources. There’s always an office printer that’s jamming or a computer that constantly crashes. Ask your workers what needs updating and what other issues you can address right away.

In addition to addressing material issues, you should also consider investing in employee training. Holding seminars and useful training courses can have a positive impact that lasts far beyond the holidays.

Whatever measures you decide to take, your employees will thank you for any investments and for simply paying attention to their needs, keeping them engaged in the process.

Create an Enjoyable Holiday Atmosphere

Employees feel inspired when they when they enter a workplace and see that the company wants to create a happy environment.

Gather your employees together to put up holiday decorations, keeping in mind that employees may be coming from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Be sure to create an atmosphere of acceptance, companionship, and togetherness. Decorating for the holidays can help your workers will feel more motivated to come in and collaborate with their co-workers. Positivity is essential, your employees take cues from their management, so be sure the proper attitude is embraced at the top.

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