In a recent survey by the magazine Inc., business leaders said it wasn’t working long hours or having a high skill level that made someone invaluable – it was their personality.

The survey included more than 500 professionals, 78 percent of those who said a great personality puts an employee above the rest of the pack. A majority (53 percent) also said cultural fit is what made someone invaluable, while just 39 percent said skills make someone stand out.

With these results in mind, here are a few steps you can take to become an invaluable part of a call center, or any other kind of workplace for that matter.

Take Initiative

Many companies find someone who shows initiative to be invaluable. When you’re not certain about how to proceed on a task, find out as much as you can, and then take action. If you don’t know specifically how to proceed, take the best course of action and then accept responsibility for the outcome.

Being proactive and taking risks after gathering as much information as you can shows leadership and initiative.

Avoid Gossip

Despite how you might feel regarding your boss or co-workers, keep your judgments about others to yourself at work. If you have to vent on something or someone, you do so with people in your personal life. If you have a real problem with someone at your work, confront them directly.

Instead of gossiping, communicate.

Follow Words with Actions

Be sure to send e-mails when you say you will. Look into problems that come up during departmental meetings. Don’t miss deadlines.

Managers want employees who are more than just talk. They want employees they can count on to take care of both mundane tasks and major issues.

In making sure you can follow up on what you’re supposed to, be sure you only take on everything you agree to do.

Support Those Around You

When people around you do well, whether it’s in their professional or personal life, you should congratulate them.  You can even take it a step further and spread the good news to others, as long as the person gives you permission.

Being truly enthusiastic when other people succeed can inspire everyone around you. Other people will want to work with you simply because they feel uplifted when you are around. Instead of competing with other, try to lift them up!

Make Proposals, Not Just Suggestions

Rather than focusing on criticism, try to offer concrete solutions. Well-researched proposals that address specific problems are far more valuable that just pointing out what is being done wrong and how you would do things if you were in charge.

In addition to making a contribution, working on concrete solutions gives you a greater sense of company operations, how change happens and how you can successfully contribute.

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