As a leader, you want people to believe in you, follow your example and appreciate your companionship. You also want employees to pay attention to you, share information with you and ask for your opinion. Moreover, workers want to work for a boss they like, as surveys have shown.

Here are a few ways to be more likable, and get more out of your team as a result.

Make yourself available

Even the most pleasant manager in the world can find themselves unpopular with their team because they just aren’t around to solve problems or listen to suggestions.

Staff members are more prone to come to their supervisors with ideas and prospective solutions when their supervisors demonstrate they value their employee opinions. While not every idea will be a success, showing staff members their opinions are valued is a wonderful approach to keep your team empowered, happy and liking your leadership.

Be reliable

Your workers must be capable of counting on you in both good times and bad. Follow up on all suggestions for improvements and recognize achievements. Work diligently to address all issues. Don’t break promises, regardless of how small.

Not being dependable will result in unsatisfied and disengaged staff members who would prefer to work for another boss or company.

Stay upbeat

In the same way, bad energy can spread to others, so can positive energy. Positive emotions help your workers communicate and open them up to a world of new possibilities. Be positive and real with the people working around you and they will be more prone to respond in the same manner, making the workplace a happy, supportive and productive place to be.

Be versatile

Many things can happen during a workday, so it’s important to be as flexible as possible. Determine what rules you will make exemptions for and avoid placing too much pressure on the small things. Prioritize adaptation when issues go wrong, and avoid rushing to place blame. Offer second chances anytime you can. Ensure the work gets done, but be adaptable with regards to personal issues, weather, or traffic.

Show compassion

Make it a habit to take your employees’ point of view on your decisions and leadership style. Regularly ask yourself, are you a person you would like to work for?

Show compassion for others’ personal and professional hardships. Celebrate their achievements and victories. Showing true compassion for your staff members may take effort on your part; however, the results will be more respect as a leader and greater affection from your team, which in turn leads to more loyalty and efficiency.


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