Perhaps out of the fear of being as a micromanager, some production supervisors keep their distance from their production team. However, production employees do want to see their supervisor on a fairly regular basis, especially when it comes to supporting employee morale.

If morale isn’t good on your production line, the company as a whole will be affected. A company relies on its staff members to thrive, grow and surpass expectations. If your workers have a poor outlook, their performance will be sub-par and turnover will be higher than it ought to be.

Checking in regularly with the intention of supporting morale is one of the best habits for a production supervisor. When you do check in with your team, be sure to take these steps to help boost their morale.

Promote Healthy Communication

Even if worker morale isn’t lacking, it’s never a bad time to communicate with your employees. Short conversations with your production team can reveal individual performance details and even underlying issues you may not know about.

In addition to the occasional check-in, hold regular team meetings to discuss the things that are working and what isn’t. Maintain a true open-door policy and drop what you are doing when staff members to come in to speak with you.

It’s also a good idea to hold performance reviews at least twice throughout the year. These reviews can help to address latent issues, including issues related to morale and employee satisfaction.

Recognize Positive Contributions

When checking in, be sure to recognize the positive contributions of various employees. Your team members want feedback, especially positive feedback. Staff members who don’t have a sense of their performance may not have the confidence to be ambitious or the morale to keep up their good habits. Staff members who feel appreciated tend to work harder and take more “healthy” risks for your company.

In addition to giving praise to your best performers, occasionally surprise staff members with spontaneous free lunches and other types of team rewards.

Build Camaraderie

Your production workers don’t have to be best friends. However, you should encourage strong teamwork and healthy relationships among your team. Employees want an environment where they can focus on getting things done, not interpersonal conflicts and office politics.

You can build camaraderie during check-ins by getting to know your workers on a personal level and encouraging them to do the same with their fellow co-workers.

Reinforce a Sense of Purpose

Everyone wants to feel like their work makes a difference. While it’s somewhat up to the individual to gain a sense of pride in their work, you can support a sense of purpose by connecting their work to direct impacts and your company’s overarching mission. Show your team members why their work matters and how various responsibilities contribute to major achievements.

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